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  1. SSmtbr
    Pro Lurker
  2. Felipe Micklon
  3. MuniMan
    Palisades MTB
  4. Chrisbfuse
    Chrisbfuse jsantoli
    Freehold and work in south plainfield
  5. Chrisbfuse
    Chrisbfuse jsantoli
    I saw the blue book as well, this bike is like new. I see well used going for this. I would go as low as 650
  6. David Stewart
    David Stewart
    I am looking to sell my race bike to an up and coming NICA rider. Small, (15.5) 2009 Gary Fisher Hi Fi Carbon Full Suspension 26er.
  7. billy64
    Team HB Hilltop
  8. AlaskaRider
    Living in Alaska for over 6 years. Returning to NJ. Left 15 years ago.
  9. nutyman45
    Looking for a decent DH Bike under $1000
  10. RyGanley
    I am back baby.
  11. PTek5
    PTek5 Brian Snyder
    Hey Brian this is Rich, we met the other day at 6 mile.
    1. Brian Snyder
      Brian Snyder
      Hey! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, l don't go online much.
      Jun 18, 2017
  12. RobD
    JORBA member
  13. blackburn1973
    blackburn1973 J-Dro
    Yo, Jeff! It's Bob. Any idea on Sourlands conditions? Want to hit it tomorrow morning if rain holds off but last conditions update was from Thursday and sounded a bit soupy. Hoping it maybe dried out since then? Thanks, man
  14. Anthony Livelli
  15. MikeP
    MikeP dhunt8705
    just text me 856-237-7335, we can try and find a day I can show you around
  16. MikeP
    MikeP dhunt8705
    if you ever want a tour of CCC, I can show you the place. I live right down the street. I'm a RN so I have flexible schedule. drop me a message if you're interested
    1. dhunt8705
      Yeah that would be great! I actually ended up riding there kind of blind the other day - very different from what it used to be! A lot of fun now!
      Apr 30, 2017
  17. freshmtb
    freshmtb JCRYUNJ
  18. sandman
    sandman Juggernaut
    In case you don't know. 100kMARS ride June 24 Saturday, 2017. 7am start, BTB office lot. 10 hour day, new trails, no big puddle.
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  19. rod murray
    rod murray UtahJoe
    Hi UtahJoe, saw your strava link to the mooch race for 4-23, is there a way to enable it so I can upload it into my garmin? Thanks!!
  20. serviceguy
    serviceguy guidodg
    Ciao Guido, benvenuto nel forum di MTBNJ. Siamo quasi coetanei, io ho 50 anni, sono di Firenze ma vivo in NJ da circa 10 anni.