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    Out of Service Log

    I get that sometimes. Only in NYC, when using the Strava App. Never with a Garmin, but to be fair, I've only used a Garmin in NYC like 5-6 times.
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    Where can I find one of these that will fit me?

    :popcorn: :banana:
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    OOS Post away!

    Already answered
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    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    Smooth AF for a 10.5% triple. Triple Citra Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPA @jmanic approved, I’d hazard to guess.
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    Powers Announces Retirement

    Not shocking, but I thought he maybe had one or two more season's in him.
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    New Jersey supercross this weekend. Who's in?

    too soon
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    Flat pedal shoe recommendations

    So since you wrote that Five Ten's aren't available in your size, and several comments after suggested Five Ten's, I'm gonna throw out there Giro and Specialized brands to look at. I have Giro Rumbler, which are flat style, but have a cleat on them. The Chamber II and the Riddance look like...
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    Trading stuff for cash money

    not for CX bike. HED tubies are CL
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    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    When life hands you lemons..... Just leave them there, and drink beer.
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    Trading stuff for cash money

    Pass on rotorzzzz.. need 160s
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    Fat bikes? Plus bikes? Too many choices

    I've been on the Giant XtC 27.5+ for two years now. I bought it as the + version, and then bought 29" Crest wheels after. Race season I use the 29er's, and as soon as the last race is over I put the plus wheels back on. It's about a 3lb difference, but the + wheels are more forgiving and a...
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    Trading stuff for cash money

    interested in rotors. can't remember if mine are 140 or 160 doe
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    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    New phone. Who dis?