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    Things that make you frown :(

    How many years you doing Tuesday date nights with @jmanic and beer isn't in tow, geez jimmy...
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    LBS to have wheels built?

    I will have to check in with him next month
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    LBS to have wheels built?

    Yes move to Colorado and die happy. Happy for him. You know where Colin settled down?
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    Custom cabinet

    Sweet custom cabinet with Recessed standards for multi shelving. $250 or BO.
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    LBS to have wheels built?

    Ah that's where he landed.
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    Short Track #1: Time to Register

    I feel the same it's been a heavy rock to crawl out from.
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    iPhone 5, 5s or SE or 6 32 GB or more. AT&T or Unlocked,

    Yeah we have a 6 att laying around that the wife wants to sell.
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    2017 Trek Farley 9.6 Carbon Fat Bike Medium $1700

    Super fun bike Good luck with your sale
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    So it begins

    If he doesn't like it anymore it is. You also have to skip the fun stuff.
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    So it begins

    No problem there. Or you could store @JimN DH bike like I have the past couple years.
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    So it begins

    I will sell you back yours
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    So it begins

    Ask him how Much for a Orange stage 6 frame
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    2018 Gravity Season

    Same as Gore also had the puke DH race.
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    2018 Gravity Season

    Yeah speaking on the highland lift because you can get someone's life story on it. A local of lake placid said there is one 45 minute run on the mountain. Mostly natural terrain is how he explained the park. It has my curiosity.