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  1. Jmann

    Powers Announces Retirement

    He had a great run of dominance a few years ago. He has a lot to be proud of. Not sure what exactly happened the last couple seasons but I think he’s making the best decision. Honestly I don’t know how these guys can stay motivated with a pro cycling career. Also, super nice guy.
  2. Jmann

    Carbon Bars & Wrist Pain

    As others have said, silicone grips like ESI are great for dampening. I think the bars themselves are a small part of the equation. Body positioning and bike fit is important too. I tend to ride with a lot of saddle to bar drop, so I do it to myself. If you can get some of the weight off your...
  3. Jmann

    First time at Ringwood

    There’s a lot of intersecting singletrack at high mountain. Fortunately ringwood doesn’t have nearly as many decisions to make. You may cross some fireroads but generally follow the singletrack. And there’s only a few different color marked trails to choose from.
  4. Jmann

    **The Official Fred Thread**

    In my first cross race I was heckled as “helmet visor” for obvious reasons.
  5. Jmann

    SRAM Level TLM issues?

    There was a specific production run that was garbage above 70 degrees. Good shops will know the deal.
  6. Jmann

    What is a "Fred"?

    Did you have your helmet on backwards and 40 spacers in your stem? Or chamois on the outside? If yes then you deserved to be called a Fred. If not, then don’t worry about it and that guy can double flat.
  7. Jmann

    Options to replace Niner Biocentric II EBB?

    Paragon is the only style that has been trouble free for me. Ebb was a creaky pita and I broke the adjusters on all city dropouts.
  8. Jmann

    Options to replace Niner Biocentric II EBB?

    This reminds me how happy I am with ebb out of my life. Someone somewhere is cursing my old crave right now.
  9. Jmann

    Free 24” Maytag wall oven

    Switched to a traditional range. Cosmetically it’s in great shape. Was in use til removed, but was acting up for the last couple months. Will need either gas valve and/or igniter because sometimes it would take awhile to light. I know these are expensive new so I would prefer not to toss it...
  10. Jmann

    Generic Pro Road Cycling Thread

    Yeah, I couldn’t handle the crappy links and pop ups, so I split fubo with a friend.
  11. Jmann

    Strictly METAL

    How bout pig destroying?
  12. Jmann

    FREE - North Face Hedgehog GTX Boots

    Thank you!
  13. Jmann

    What tree should I plant

    Indeed. I appreciated it.
  14. Jmann

    What tree should I plant

    If time travel is invented my first order of business is punching whoever planted all the sweet gum in my yard in the throat.
  15. Jmann

    What tree should I plant

    Japanese Stewartia is a nice tree, no fruit but flowering, and good for the bees.’s expensive and slow growing.
  16. Jmann

    Wildcat Ridge WMA Conditions

    If anyone lost a blue packable jacket, it’s 1/3 of the way oreland from the powerlines.
  17. Jmann

    Elm ridge

    I know beebe hill area across the Hudson still has some snow. Elm ridge does have a Facebook group.
  18. Jmann

    Finish Line tubeless sealant

    We made it in high school, I think it was anti climatic since I don’t remember much about it. We also made c4 but couldn’t get it to ignite. Chlorine bombs were fun, although scary as hell. Redneck entertainment.
  19. Jmann

    Sunday 24” bmx SOLD