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  1. Pampa

    Cool camera for biking

    It's missing self-stabilization and a few other improvements (more memory, more battery, bluetooth, etc.) but nothing that can't be done with time & money. I can see how in the future the rear camera feed could be projected on the corner of a some sort of google glass, replacing the little...
  2. Pampa

    Crazy Land Rover test

    Watch this hybrid Range Rover drive up an insane 45-degree angle staircase Scary just seeing it. In other order of things, I don't think they should lend historic monuments/constructions for this kind of stuff. I'd guess the stairs have to suffer some damage from a big SUV digging and grabbing...
  3. Pampa

    Strava "art"

    Pretty cool: Virtual snowman created by cyclist using app on London streets
  4. Pampa

    Redfeather V-Tail 20" Youth Snowshoes - $30

    Youth V-Tail blue snow shoes from Redfeather, only used a couple of times. They are 20" long, and supports up to a maximum of 100 lbs. Easy to put on and off. The V-Tail are a lot of fun in the snow and a little easier to walk in than the regular round tail snow shoes.
  5. Pampa

    SOLD. Youth Atlas SnowShoe Spark 20 - $30

    Youth snow shoes, used only a few times. Very light weight (1lb) and easy to put on and off. This is the manufacturer's description: "The Spark 20 Boy's Snowshoe is built for fast growing kids between the ages of 8-12. The easy to use Grom binding is simple and intuitive. The soft tongue of...
  6. Pampa


    A few months ago I got a Fenix 5X and gave this to my son but he's not using it. I loved this watch. It's bomb proof, battery lasts a long time and the display is huge. The back-light and customization options for the display are great too. It can be mounted on the handle bars when riding if you...
  7. Pampa

    SOLD - THULE Apex 4-Bike Hitch Rack - $150 - SOLD

    Little use. It has a 1 1/4 connector and it comes with an adapter for a 2" receiver. $150
  8. Pampa

    ZPacks Waterproof Mitts - XL/XXL - $30

    I bought these to wear over a pair of warm gloves for long rides in cold & wet weather. They are big for me so they move and twist around my hand. These are very light (about 1 oz.). I'm pretty sure they are XL or XXL. You can see the dimensions on the pics below. $30
  9. Pampa

    What's going on with IMBA?

    I read in other forums that people were not happy by some actions/positions from IMBA (Colorado Front Range area). They said e-bike manufacturers were starting to control their objectives/agenda. Now I see this (below) and it makes me regret I renew the subscription this year... IMBA Testifies...
  10. Pampa

    Niner RDO Stem 110mm Black and Red

    Niner RDO Stem 110mm Black and Red, +/-6 deg. $30
  11. Pampa

    Maxxis Maxxlite 285 26 x 2.0 lightweight tires - $50

    This are race tires (285 gr each) but can be used to lighten a bike to ride on gravel roads or pavement. I bought them for my son but they only saw a handful of rides in Columbia/Sussex trails before I switched him to more aggressive tires to go on trails. They look very worn but that's the...
  12. Pampa

    SOLD - 2015 Specialized Fatboy SE with 90mm Nextie carbon wheelset – Medium - SOLD

    Selling to fund a plus bike project. This is a custom frameset build. Pretty light at 25 lb 8 oz with 3.8/4.0 tires on 90mm carbon rims (as pictured below). Bike has the wear marks from being ridden & raced but has been maintained along the way and it’s in good working condition. Wheels run...
  13. Pampa

    New 45NRTH HUSKER DU 4.8"

    They say is their "maximum flotation tire". I'm very curious about volume and weight but couldn't find any info yet. Too bad I'm about to put my fatbike for sale :( 45NRTH Hüsker Dü adds some girth with new 4.8″ fat bike tire 45NRTH HUSKER DU 4.8" page
  14. Pampa

    UPS Testing delivering with e-bikes + e-wagons

  15. Pampa

    SOLD - 29er wide-rim carbon wheelset w/ dynamo (DT Swiss 240 & SON) - $650

    I had this wheelset built by no other than @jimvreeland for a bikepacking adventure last year. The wide rims coupled with wide tires make for great traction and a plush ride. The wheelset has about 1,500 miles and is in great shape (it does have a few scratches but no dents). Disc rotors are...
  16. Pampa

    Patriot Heavy Duty wood chipper + leaf shredder

    Used a few times last season. It was overkill for my needs and now that I did the basic cleanup I don't have a use for it. Like new condition and starts at the first pull. Very compact to store (W: 23" x D: 36" x H: 37"). Includes extra Jumbo size leaf/chips collection bag. See below description...
  17. Pampa

    Eastern Divide Trail Project

    Cool project. It looks like it will be completed by the end of the year. The Virginia Southern Highlands Traverse must be cool to do in the fall.
  18. Pampa

    Man Attacked By Coyote In Long Valley

    Be careful on CT. It might be a good idea to carry a small pepper spray. I know rabbies is contagious among dogs so there might be other coyotes like that…...
  19. Pampa

    Another help me build a FS bike thread :)

    My first real MTB was a FS ( '08 Cannondale Rush 1000) and then I moved to HTs for efficiency and because I was into XC racing. A combination of getting older, not racing anymore and less risk appetite than in the past when going downhill have me looking for a FS bike again. I mostly ride...
  20. Pampa

    Innovative/futuristic/weird bike stuff

    I'm not talking here about the next version of the 1x12 drive train but stuff that's way out there. Every now and then I come across ideas/prototypes that look very interesting. Most of the times, if not always, these are impractical, too expensive, etc. and it's easy to list 100 reasons why...