10/7 TM thanks


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
Big thanks to our crew today we kicked butt.
Finished the work on the huge washout the Gary D. and crew worked on.
Still needs a bit of love but is is ridable again plus a crew went out and worked on Steelman and Micks trail to fix some standing wet areas.
Then there was a ride that happened can't get much better of a day.
Looks like our last session of the season group potluck BBQ is 11/11 hope to see everyone there
We will be posting a "wish list" for food and supplies stay tuned.
Our crew today consisted of

Andrew Carafone
Chris Cornell
Anthony Kolvites
Sean Cassidy
Stephen Pinched
Howard Waters
Michael Arberg
Chris Barry
Justin Barry
Alvaro Ozzie Alfaro
Kathleen Daly
Joshua Daly
Andy Robinson
Ian Muller
Charlie Muller
Kevin Elmore
Jaden Elmore
Matt DeFelice
JT DeFelice
Grace DeFelice
Mike Confenti