6 Mile Run Conditions


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I rode yesterday before sundown. Was drying up to dustbowl conditions everywhere but the neverending puddles. Construction crew at S. Middlebush put gravel over the huge puddle there so that's not a problem any more.
When coming back towards 27, the backhoe (or whatever it was they are using to tear up the road) was almost in the crossing path (way closer than it was when I went across towards canal). For sure the shovel could have come down right in the crossing path. Not sure if they are planning on ripping it up but just a heads up, riding right into a construction zone.


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4 miles in I got hammered. Like I couldn't see hammered. Wrapped myself around a tree trying to at least get back to my car, had to walk out after that.
Sorry man the "future cast" blew big time. I got to the sourlands, was ready to ride and my rear tire was flat. Couldn't pump it up enough with my crap hand-pump so drove home, got my real pump, drove back to the lot just as the skies opened up. Would've gotten stuck on top the mountain if my tire wasn't flat.

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Wrapped myself around a tree trying to at least get back to my car said:
I hate when this happens. You OK?
Thanks, but it's all good. I was coming down one of the last inclines on the red section by canal, bike kicked out from under me and the tree actually saved me from going over the bank. Fortunately I wasn't going that fast, little bruised and scraped but nothing serious. Plus the bike is fine which is the most important because that only heals with money.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
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