6 Mile Run Conditions


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I have to thank you(and everyone else that helps with the TM) for all of the work you do making this such a good trail system, I know how much work it is and just want to let you know that it really is appreciated. I try to help where I can even if sometimes it's just giving a heads up to a problem.
Glad you enjoy it.

It is a labor of love and often a place to escape from a busy world. I honestly spend way more hrs out there digging than working and it doesn’t bother me. Was just speaking with my friend Adam who build the trails at PJ in NY and he said he does the same. I think this is a constant with trail builders.

Anyway, have fun and spread the stoke



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Should be drying out. Sun is peeking. Probably good for late afternoon. Was mostly dry yesterday and we didn't get real rain, just mist and light sprinkle like Bill said..


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Is 6mile forecast for any rain? I have a gig in New Brunswick tomorrow night/wed morning and was thinking of hitting it up Wed afternoon. I haven’t made it out there all season....