American Ninja Warrior Junior!!!!!!!!!


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Have you or your kids seen American Ninja Warrior on NBC? Season 10 is airing now.
Have you thought how awesome it would be if your kids could be on the show?
The wait is over!
On Saturday, October 13th at 7pm on Universal Kids, American Ninja Warrior Junior will premiere!!!!!!!


Why am I so excited? Many probably know already, but just in case, my younger son Will is a competitor on the show!!!!


For now, we’re not sure which episode, but we’re gonna watch the whole season anyway.

Follow Will’s IG page and Facebook Fan Page for updates!!!

You can see Will and me behind Matt and Akbar a few times, in the blue t-shirts.....


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what size shoes does he wear?, them some big feet, going to grow into a giant
hahaha... he's small for his age... no idea what his shoe size is, but that photo does have a strange angle or something....

Very happy you were able to make this happen for him. I mean, beyond the insane amount of work Will put in. A+ parenting.
I just drive him places and take pics. FWIW, a two hour forty minute drive each way for a 2 minute course run makes me feel way more betterer about all the driving for those silly 45 minute bike races we do......


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Thats great!
My son (6) just started asking to watch American Ninja warrior so now the house is his course.
Where so you take him?


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Oh, hey look.... another promo video.
Laurie Hernandez, Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics ran the course. Watch this, then tune into Universal Kids on October 13th at 7pm/6pm Central and see how the kids tackle it. FYI, this is the course set up for Will’s group, the 9/10yr olds.


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I saw the vid on IG of that lil shit doing that monkey bar thing, he has incredible upper body strength and confidence doing that. It was fun to watch. I hope he kicks but on the show.