American Ninja Warrior Junior!!!!!!!!!


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My five year old is completely hooked on the show. I got him a pull up bar with some straps and he goes to town on it everyday.


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My five year old is completely hooked on the show. I got him a pull up bar with some straps and he goes to town on it everyday.
That's awesome! I've heard this from a lot of parents. You should check out Centercourt in Mount Olive. @ANWJrWill trains at the Chatham location.

The pull up bar is great. That got me thinking. There are a bunch of options out there that you can easily set up for kids, if you have the room. Unfinished basements are great, with the exposed joists above, just be sure to have padding on the floor. Here are some links to suppliers of equipment:

Monstro Holds - they make a lot of the hanging holds you'll see. We have four, so far (three have been trophies from NNL competitions)

DGS Ninja Equipment - This is THE supplier for Drew Dreschel's gyms, as well as the equipment that will be use in February at NNL World Championships. I need to figure out where/how to set up the spinning door knobs.

Titan Fitness Peg Board - I built my own out of 2x10x8 and a 1.125" diameter oak dowel.


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Aside from the ANW Jr TV show (new episodes back up on Feb 23rd!!!), Will has been competing in National Ninja League since the end of August. The final competitions were this past weekend, and World Championships are the weekend of Feb 16-18th at the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Will finished as points leader in the 9/10yr old division for the boys.

Anyone that has kids interested, keep an eye out for the NNL Rec League competitions starting up in the spring. They're a bit less serious than the "Qualifier" competitions during the fall.
Here's my Vimeo Channel with all of Will's NNL runs this fall to get an idea of what they’re like. Every gym has different style obstacles, which keeps them on their toes, literally.


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Update Update Update!!!!!!!

Two things....

Tomorrow morning on NBC’s The Today Show, Matt and Akbar will be guests on the show promoting the start of the second half the season for American Ninja Warrior Junior which is back on the air Saturday night at 7pm on Universal Kids. They also have anothe announcement. If you have kids that are into the show, and want to compete, you *might* want to tune in between 9 and 10am.

Second, Will finished in 2nd place last weekend at National Ninja League World Championships in Hartford, CT!!!!!!!
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Congrats Will! this is awesome.
It is amazing how long he can hang by his hands/arms. then add in the skill part.

i think their 'class' is something that short-track should adopt. something for the 40+ group......


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Thanks @Jforce !!
Despite the final outcome, he had an awesome time, and we’re all super proud of him. He know what he need to work on, and is already way stronger and faster than when they filmed the series last July.
Jeez, he got stronger? Will's one incredible kid and lucky to have supportive parents to do this. Congrats again