Beginners group ride


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Anyone want to ride Round Valley on Monday? With all the rain and melt most parks will be off limits. 8am at the scuba lot. Bring your climbing gears cause you'll need it. Who's in?

JORBA.ORG and I work at the same location, so no he is not working,

iv never met xc62701 but im always up for a challenge,

11am at round valley then?
I have no idea who this person is so don't believe a word he says. :D

is working?
You know we'll get turned inside out if we ride with @xc62701 .....

nice 11:00 start, so we can get a few extra degrees would be great.
I don't think I can get that far tomorrow if at all...the girls are home too. May ride local if I can motivate. Was pretty cold today.
Have fun.


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OK - let's make it official then.

roll at 11:00 out of the south/scuba lot - somewhere around 14-16 miles of pain.
we won't go fast, but it is going to hurt anyway.

@rottin' - put it in the book!