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And less rare but a pretty badass sleeper (sleeper for a bright orange G anyway) - one of my friends Gs'. It's an UnderGround Racing TT car, 1500hp. It is an effn' rocket. He also has an earlier G, black on black manual trans, also UGR TT'd putting 1230hp down.



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No, not mine. Mine is still on the trickle charger. There were only 2 others that I have seen around in Hunterdon County, so I'm trying to figure out which one it was. I have a good guess...


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Walked pass a boxster spyder today in Harlem. Those are cool.

BTW does anyone want to split a $175 motogp video pass??? 2, 3, 4 ways. First race this Sunday. I read its not an issue but sometimes you may just need to hit refrsh if it times out and picks up another jusy logged in.