First timers at Mountain Creek Park


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So I wanted to go to Diablo for a long while and I've finally decided to plan out a trip. None of the people coming this far have ever been there so no crazy stoopid jumps are rock gardens (maybe at the end of the day hah). I have a friend coming along and two maybe's that are leaning towards a possible yes. I'm still not sold on bringing my bike because I don't want to beat it up. But if anyone wants to bring theirs and commute as a group I can hold up to 6 strapped to my car and maybe another 2 inside it hah.

I was hoping to go mid october on a saturday or sunday. Anyone who wouldn't mind taking it easy and learning the ropes at diablo let me know and we can form a super massive group of n00bs ;)
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My roommate and I were just talking about hitting up Diablo some time next month. We've very much noobs and want to just learn the ropes. We'd probably rent bikes there so we wouldn't take up any room there. We're both at Rutgers, New Brunswick, so i guess that's kind of close to you.

I am headed up on Oct 4 with a bunch of friends, a crew of noobs, friends and co workers.
My plan is to hit it everyweekend in october if possible but work might send me elsewhere.
I would be up for meeting up. Its pretty easy to navigate there and before you know it you will be on the more adventurous stuff.
That place is a treasure.
I will probably be up there most weekends in October as well. Riding in the fall is downright beautiful once the leaves start changing, but beware! Once the leaves start falling, it makes for some tricky riding if the trails aren't kept well blown. As always, my offer always stands to take newbies out for a couple opening runs on some fun terrain...


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I work at Rutgers so that works out fine.

I'm down to make a group trip, I'll try to iron out the details as quick as I can and then pick a weekend. I'll keep you guys posted.
I may be able to scrape up another rider or two for a saturday there in October also. I have been there once and ridden some downhill at a couple other mountains. Nothing to fear there- easy to find your way around and easy to stay within your ability on the way down.

I'll keep an eye to what date you all settle on....
sounds good. I'm free pretty much any weekend besides Saturday the 25th. Let me know, and hopefully we can organize a god trip.

Always looking for people to ride with, im up for a ride anytime in sept/october. I live in monmouth county so wouldnt mind carpooling. or contributing to one. Ive been there twice and now have a full DH rig. Dont mind showing people around. Will ride with newbs, pros whatever.....

drop me a message

=also have a suburban wich can carry up to 6 plus bikes and people,


newb looking for first trip to Diablo

Yo guys I'm down for a trip to Diablo. I can go on Sundays. I have class on Saturdays and can get there probably about 1pm. Let me know the date and I'll be there.


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Awesome, so that should be us + another 3. I plan on renting as my FS bike isn't meant to be beaten up ;p More like a FS trail bike then a FR/DH variant.

At this rate we could probably sneak in 1 car or 2 max and split gas. I'm more than willing to drive and if you want to bring your bike I can lug it. The only downside is if you end up wanting to go on your own for a while we'd have to re-meet up. So if that's not a problem we should be okay. I'm good for me + 4 with the back being slightly tight ;p I'm sure mroe people will want to sneak in so we might end up making a couple car convey.


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BTW if we get 10 or more we could get a discount, so far we're looking at like 6ish maybe 7 so another 3 and we'd get a break on lift tickets and maybe rentals.


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I am 50/50 cause I was thinking about doing blue marsh race in PA. I'll drop you a msg.

But I will probably go next weekend (the 4th) to Diablo too in addition to the 12th if I decide to go. I want to head up there as much as possible for remainder of season cause I will wear full gear and it be so much cooler now. Anybody want to join me the 4th too?



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I'd be more willing to go twice if I wasn't renting, but it adds up quick so unless I buy a DH bike in the meantime I'm probably sticking to the 12th ;p