Frenchtown Preserve- new addition to Central Jersey Mtb trails

The boro/state park built several miles of twisty single track last year. The trails are multiuse, but the new orange, blue, and red trails definitely have bikes in mind. Green trail is good for beginners, other trails are more intermediate due to punchy climbs and tight corners. I think there are 2 rocks at the entire park, so hardtail or rigid bikes do well. Not much elevation at the park which caters to the single speed crowd. Horses are on the trails occasionally.
Parking lot is on Horseshoe Bend Rd. It's small, so users need to park respectfully. No portopotty.

Trail map and descriptions are here:

Can the webmaster add this park to the trails list? It would be great to have more riders enjoy the park.


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Awesome! I was there over the summer when I had #bumthumb to do some hiking. They were working on the trails then. Relatively close to home so will definitely check out.


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The trails are actually in Kingwood, but be careful in town. Some of the roads have 15mph speed limits and Frenchtown PD enforce it.


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@chemgirl - is this a park you're familiar with?

And @jmanic just because I'm gonna tag you.
Yes, I ride there quite a bit! Nice trails if you live locally. Too small to be a destination ride. About an hour of trail without repeating yourself. Tight and twisty. I think there are only about three parking spots. It doesn’t drain well so the trials are probably wet right now.
There are three access points- one in Frenchtown, one on 12 and one on Horesehoe Bend Rd. The Horseshoe bend access is the only parking lot. @Po123, how do you get on the single track by the river?