Frenchtown Preserve- new addition to Central Jersey Mtb trails

one piece crank

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Had some errands to run in the area so brought the bike. Good stuff with lots of potential. Loved red and blue trails. Reminded me of raw twisties at 6-mile. Freshly trimmed too. Will be back to burn in trails.

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Hey - my son built that kiosk for his Eagle Scout project!

Great bunch of trails. I try to hit 'em everyday if I can. Judging by the thick coating of spider webs I get, the trails are not seeing a lot of use. Just yesterday I caught some sort of flying/buzzing/stinging? insect in a helmet vent but I didn't even stop - I figured I was so covered in arachnids they probably jumped on it after the first buzz!


one piece crank

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I hit the trails this morning. Everything was good except the trail heading down from the Horseshoe Bend Road parking lot - super soggy area, only surface freeze and slop beneath - but it's only about 40ft. of walking or take the road. The rest of the trails were good-n-crunchy. If you hit it later than 12-noon you could face additional thawing.

Also, the Horseshoe Bend parking lot has huge piles of gravel and road construction equipment, so you can fit maybe three vehicles if people park thoughtfully.