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My take on the pilot....he does not GAF about your tray table but he is the face of United, so to speak, and United's face has taken a beating lately. He's just doing his part to make sure he maintains his employment. Just like all of us.
I bet the passenger on previous flights have been crying about it. They probably demanded like 2k in credits or some other over the top ask so they could brag about it on Facebook. He was just trying to get ahead of that and get a feel for the next trayless victim.


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Been a while since I recapped a weekend. But here we are.


Kicked off the weekend by riding my bike outside. It was a glorious day, and having been out of CR for quite some time, it was a glorious ride. I rode to & from the park which I usually avoid doing because the ride home gets monotonous. But since I have been inside so much I enjoyed the full round trip more than I normally would. I had to get to a conference call for 2:00, and I lined it up so I came in the back door and sat down at 1:58.

Knee felt better but at 1:15 I tried to go up red and it sent out a message that maybe I should return on white. So I did. The bridge is done, by the way.

Took a 4:00 call in the car, picked up D, and met the crew for a little Friday night dinner.

Then we saw King Lear, or King Arthur, or whatever the hell he was playing up there. This was a fun night and I think it will be a good week to tune into the podcast. We're slated to hook up on Tuesday to record another episode with the Mouth of the North, @UtahJoe. But for tonight, Magic seems pretty happy:


Saturday morning we did a road ride with D's boss (middle) and our friend Allison. In all I think we did 35 miles in just over 2 hours. It was amazing outside. Knee felt fine, but we did not hammer or anything. But my left sit bone was acting up at the end. I may have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor.


After the ride I did a lot of reading, drinking coffee, tea, espresso, and relaxing. I was in the front but when the sun started hammering me, I went to the back. It was probably 1 of the 10 best days of the year outside yesterday. D was off NICA pre-riding so I took the opportunity to hang out with Jack Schitt and do nothing. Actually I did tie up the afternoon with 45 minutes of yard work.


That night we watched the first 2 episodes of Lost in Space. It was ok.


I was on the fence about what to do, in order...

1. Maybe race Ringwood? Eh, right knee thinks it is a bad idea
2. See if Utah wants to go to Jungle? Nope, his wife called in overnight to work
3. Go to the NICA race, watch Zac race, then go ride Lewis Morris. Deal

Here he is lining up to race. Last row!

Before the race I got to hang out with @ChrisG and we talked a bit. It was a great conversation and it was really nice to catch up. Also got to catch up with a lot of other good people including @KenS, who I think stands as the first person to ask to be on the podcast, which is awesome. Oh by the way @seanrunnette - we're going to try to do the podcast at my house on April 30th. So we just need to find someone in the week between, which may be tough as I am away 4 of the 5 days that week.

Ok so here is my confession on the day. After the previous 2 days, today was depressing AF. The weather was such shit I cannot really put it into words any more than saying it's hard to put into words. By the time Zac was done (he landed 5th) and I left, I was so beyond cold that riding outside wasn't even a consideration. It took the drive home to be able to feel my hands again. By the time I got on 78 my fingers were tingling.

I went home and rode Zwift. I was so excited to call on Teacher @stb222 to give me a gold star for riding 3 days in a row outside but I wasn't about to swing it. My knee did not hurt at all, which was awesome. I think maybe my obsession with that damn TRON bike may have been ill-advised.

Watched the 3rd episode of Lost in Space and bagged it. Not really all that good.

Eat shit winter.



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Good of you to unplug and go play outside.
Damn kids and their video games these days.

Very psyched for upcoming guest stars on the podcast, especially the Triple live album that will be Utah.

Speaking of podcasts, adult grilled cheese.

Truffle and Chimay cheese on brioche, with a side of lentil soup.


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As much I will ride in whatever weather, the warm, low humidity weather is basically better in every respect. The trail, even road conditions are better. Bikes work better; suspension works better, tires roll easier, grease/oil flows more freely, which all adds up to a better ride. You also don’t have to think one bit about what to wear.

I happen to ride at the warmest part of the day, which was warmer than it has been in the mornings. However, this afternoon was just cold, I’ll take whatever, but this back and forth crap is, well crap.


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@Norm I agree, after yesterday today can SAD. Did I miss something? What's happening with the knee? I've been reading these, so maybe my reading comprehension just sucks right now lol


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@Norm I agree, after yesterday today can SAD. Did I miss something? What's happening with the knee? I've been reading these, so maybe my reading comprehension just sucks right now lol
I'm hoping Stan's can work out crabon knee parts and we can all get a team discount. Not sure where their R&D is on this though.


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Ok so real quick because today was hectic. I took the afternoon off for reasons that will become clear at the end of this post.

The Knee

@rottin' I have mentioned a few times that my knee has been bothering me, but given that I am old, and we all have knee pain on & off all the time, it may not have raised many flags. On Friday night @jmanic asked about the knee but he has also been following everything knee-related since he's had his issues. This time it has been a little more than the usual knee issues on & off over the years. So I was a little worried about it.

Being realistic I know that this is an overuse injury and I need to balance my drive to ride with the over-usage. With an overuse issue like this I think the best thing is to vary the bike I'm on. So Friday was Ted, Saturday was the cross bike, Sunday road/Zwift, and today was the gym's spin bike. Today the knee felt even better with no tweak at all. So I am optimistic that dialing back a bit as well as the bike variation have helped.

The Ice Cream

Just wanted to shout out to @Dominos who posted that I should strive to not eat shitty ice cream this year. After thinking about this, I agree. And while this is not really possible to adhere to 100%, I am making an effort to avoid lesser ice creams. On that note, I am applying the same approach to my coffee. Again - not practical to adhere to 100%, but I have found that going to extra mile to find a good cup is paying off these days.

Also, when you travel, search for "coffee roasters" to get the best cup in town.


I was sure I was going, but then today a possible derailment. After discussing with the people there I booked the trip tonight but I am still not 100% on this. I don't mind travel, per se. But this on-off-on-off shit is for the birds.

So we've got an 8 day run like this: Race, Minnesota 3 days, Home 1 day, Toronto 3 days.


Me + @seanrunnette + @UtahJoe do the podcast. Topics include Hamlet, Minnesota, Durham, race promotion, Mooch Madness, Ringwood recap, and news about Stewart.

The Child

Today she turned 12 years old. Crazy how the time does fly. I picked her up from school and we went to get ice cream (Zita's, yeah good stuff). Then we went to the mall and I bought her stuff randomly. I am going to take her into the city 1 day and we'll do lunch or dinner, then see a show. I am going to let her pick the show. So we spent the afternoon together and work can eat me for today.

Happy birthday kiddo!



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Today the knee felt even better with no tweak at all. So I am optimistic that dialing back a bit as well as the bike variation have helped.
Might be a stupid question, but have you had one of those involved fits on that bike you used on the trainer for months? I feel like you've been riding the same bike on a trainer for quite a while, so you're locked into that position. Could be as simple as those spindle extenders or cleat angles or something too. Maybe. Or just the getting older thing.

I've also had knee issues for a while, and they probably all stem from my 5-6 years of hurdles and high jump back in middle/high school. Riding actually helped a lot, especially the short spurts of singlespeeding I did.

Looking forward to hearing Utah spew words in a semi-controlled environment.


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Will recommend the Sponge Bob musical. It sis legit good with quite a variety of musical styles. My son thoroughly enjoyed it.

Take a visit to see @jdog for the knee thing. Over use, maybe, but it there is any bit of a fit issue, you made need a tweaking. In the 3-4 years I had between a fit, you would be surprised at how small changes can make big differences.


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The Fit

Being realistic, I don't have 5 hours to spend going to/from Halters and having another bike fit. Yes, I have had this bike fit before and yes, it has been a while since I have been re-fit. Is this bike perfect? Probably not. And yes, I know the response will be that I should find time to do it. And yes, my knee hurt a little bit today when I got back on that specific bike earlier. And yes, my left sit bone was sore again today.

I know all of this. But I also know that jacking up your volume 200% so fast is going to have a lot of the same side effects. So I will tread lightly and if I can find some time, I'll try to fit in a new bike fit. I also know that a fit will end up costing me $500 in new parts by the end of the trip. And shoes. Actually, my shoes are so old they may technically be old enough to serve in the military.

The Minnesota & North Carolina

Confirmed today that they are going forward with Minnesota provided that a) I will be on site and b) I will be their *primary* support person the first month of Go Live. While it does make me feel good that the Director of the org asked for me personally, I feel like an indentured servant in some ways. Of course, I get paid for this.

At the end of the podcast I got a call from the former CEO of the company. On the drive home I called him back and he asked if there was any chance I could go to North Carolina for 1-4 hours on Thursday. He also told me to feel free to say no. So, I said no. I just don't have this one in me.

The Podcast

Hooked up with @seanrunnette and @UtahJoe to put together an _almost_ 2 hour podcast. I think it actually went pretty well all in all. I think we had a solid conversation about the following things:

* Hamlet
* Acting in general
* Durham
* Minnesota
* Mooch
* Stewart
* All the other things

The Tomorrow

Actually, I don't know. Taking life 1 day at a time right now.

The Apology

Sorry this one was pretty uninspired. I guess I am out of creativity right now. See youse guise tomorrow.


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Good morning!

An attempt to get your day going.....lame, but honest.

ps - my bike is ready to p/u at halters......had some quick fit adjustments made. and yeah. but looking forward to it!


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So this morning I got a phone call that more or less went like this:

Minnesota: Hey in prod, the Equipment form is broke and X is broke and Y and Z and another thing
Me: Ok....ok...let me take a look
Minnesota: We just looked at it for 10 minutes and found 5 things
Me: Ok, let me circle back with [name redacted] and see if we messed up the code install
Minnesota: What am I supposed to do, Joe?
Me: ....

I hung up the phone and stared into space. It's one of those times where F-Bombs and anger are useless. This was one of those feelings that Douglass Adams tries to explain in 1 of the HItchhiker books, that machine that makes you fully realize how small you are in the world. How utterly meaningless it all is. I thought for sure this was it. The plane was going down. There would be no survivors. Total and complete annihilation of all living souls.

I hit up [name redacted] about the install to prod and after an hour or so we realized that it was done slightly out of order, and in 90 minutes we had it all fixed and working again. Mind you, the system is not live yet. But it is going live Monday. They are literally locking their users out of the current system at noon tomorrow. To have this drop at this hour was an absolutely sphincter clenching roller coaster of a morning.

On the 2:00 call, they asked about it briefly and I told them it was sort of like we hung the paintings then painted the walls. We just needed to redo the room and paint first, then hang the paintings. Against all odds, they actually accepted that explanation.

Later in the afternoon, they sent us a menu for a local place and asked us what we wanted for lunch on Tuesday. So I guess they are not pulling the plug. I was 100% sure this was going to derail us. Even as I sit here now, I am in a partial state of disbelief that we made it out unscathed.


I squeezed in a Zwift ride after I dropped Zac off at soccer practice. It was thoroughly unmotivating. I rode for an hour. With the various tweaks in my body parts I am dialing it back a little here & there. The fact I have developed a saddle sore is just icing on the cake this week.


I did some research on Minneapolis and I was trying to find a restaurant I saw on the Food Network that featured the Somali congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar. I had seen this show a few years ago and at the time though, "Oh well I'll never go there." So I paid it no mind. I assumed the Internet wouldn't fail me but I am unable to find it.

So 2 things:

1. Can you Internet this for me?
2. Do you have any recommendations for Minneapolis or St. Paul?


I added one of my new coworkers to my gChat today because we are not on the same network yet. Then I realized that my profile pic is me in a tin foil hat.

Fucks given: Zero.


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Do you have any recommendations for Minneapolis or St. Paul?
I was there once for a conference. It was a big one with people from all over the world.
The host set up a fun night of.....Curling. the place was similar to a bowling alley crossed with hockey rink. Compete with bar.
Seeing these dudes from China or maybe SK, get completely hammered and then try to curl was some of the greatest entertainment I've ever had.


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Table of Contents

1. Cutting Weight
2. Race Promotion
3. The Cleaning Lady & The Clock (Pic of the Day)
4. Today in Zwift
5. This Weather
6. The Thing, it is Happening

The Book

1. I finally got on the scale this morning, for the first time this month. We rolled out of March on a decent note. But with a week in Florida and a trip to NC, I wasn't in a hurry to see just how much damage I had done. I will be honest, I usually wake up and see how I feel. If I feel like I am tired & bloated I avoid the scale like a mayo sale at Walmart. This morning I felt decent, so I decided to try it out. Lo and behold, I dropped 1 more pound from last month's low. My intention for April was an exact push on March. I was hoping just to not gain any weight. To have a -1 thus far is a bonus. I get to drop that weight in Zwift again, which is always nice. So I'll get up the Alpe 3 seconds faster next time. I am not losing it as fast as I have in the past. But I've been consistently moving in the right direction.

2. I was going to discuss the whole race promoter thing but I am tired of that discussion right now. I will say this. Here is my dream. I'd like to run a cross race and have Primus there as our band. And we would setup a mud pit as part of the course and for 5 straight hours they would play My Name is Mud. I have nothing more productive to add to that.

3. The cleaning lady came yesterday and left the alarm clock like this. I'll just leave this here:


4. Today in Zwift I rode for just under 2 hours, much of it with @seanrunnette who joined me shortly after I started the Alpe climb. I really do enjoy the climb in that it focuses you and really does make you work. Having said that, it's turned the best world into just a climbing world for now. I used to be able to do the big climb then get in some miles on the flats after that. This one is: ride to the Alpe, go up, go down, then you've almost done 2 hours. I keep doing this because I want to get this Tron Bike but that is going to take a while. But really, it gives me a solid focus to the ride. My butt was a little sore today but the knee was good.

5. OMFG, can it be any more awful? Also - does it not make sense that "awful" comes from awe + full? Why is it not awefull? And why is awful bad yet awesome is good? So some awe is good, but being totally full of awe is bad? Is this like the difference between eating a half a pizza and a whole one? I'll defer to @jmanic on this as I think he can answer properly. No pressure.

6. They locked the users out of the current system at noon today (CST, where @Glenn Rides After 4 PM CST rides) and confirmed we are looking good. I committed to being in the building at 7am on Tuesday. They also agreed to let me drop some code into their prod instance during the code-freeze which will make my life easier. Last but definitely not least, one of the women on the call opened herself up to me saying, "Wait, so you've gone from the Wicked Witch of the East to Sasquatch in one call?" - and they actually laughed about it. Maybe I should try stand-up comedy in Minnesota. Or maybe they're laughing because they are welding the bars to my cell while they take this call.