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Last night I did not sleep (I rarely do when I have to catch an early fly in the morning). Caught up a little with sleep on the flight. As soon as I got to the office it was clear that the amount of work had been grossly under hestimated (by me) due to the Miami office not keeping track of where they get their internet, phones etc. from. As a result, got stuck disconnecting hw and making backups up to 8:15 pm when I left out of frustration. Decided that since I am not going to the hotel gym, I would be walking the 3 miles to the hotel. It’s Miami. My beard didn’t like it in the least ( nor did the snotty receptionist at the Hotel). Whatever...Tomorrow early rise and back to work early, packing a load of old hw for recycling, visit to the Bal Harbour store to locate the WiFi APs in preparation for next week update (nobody in the store could find them) then back to NJ. If you see me on the trail it’s probably not me!