Port Jervis Watershed


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I rode the Port Jervis Watershed Trails this past Friday and I had a blast. Nice trails that are fairly well marked. Some were hard to follow just due to low use since they have been built coupled with a lot of newly fallen leaves hiding them a bit. Definitely hit Turntable for some awesome views and Dejay Downs for a challenge. Can't go wrong here if you're in the area.


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I was lucky enough to ride here this Saturday. They were out marking the race course as we were able to follow the course with absolutely zero issues. We found it to be very well marked.

Like stated above, it looks as if many of the trails are newly built (within the last 12 months or so). This is a super fun place to ride, but not an easy ride by any stretch. I brought my geared HT and was beaten down by the end of the day. IMHO, this is ideal for a full squish bike, but I ran into a few SS'ers out there ripping it up....soooooooo

Wrapped it up with some tasty beers at the new brewery in town; Fox and Hare Brewing Company.


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Rode the course yesterday afternoon with a buddy. Really sweet. All marked and the guys were out blowing the leaves. The race tomorrow will be epic. Good luck to all racers!!!
Rode here Saturday 4/14 for the first time. Trails were in great condition with just a couple of wet spots. Really well-marked and maintained. Great network.
Rode with GF Sunday. Awesome and what a workout.
I had the map from the PJ website with us, but it seemed incorrect at different times. I then compared it to map at kiosk (definitely different). Anywhere that I can download the newer version as displayed at the kiosks?


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I met Phil (?) at the Moochness this weekend. He's part of building all that goodness at PJ. They have plans to expand things even further, hoping for even more miles for the Peter Pounder.
Sounds great, can't wait to check it out.