Stephens State Park Conditions


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I rode Stephens for the first time today. Conditions were great.

I am going to have to get back for a tour at some point. I hit some really fun trails but also ended up hitting some trails in the "wrong" direction.
Just got home, trestle was a bit softer with a little mud slinging at speed but I'm just being picky. Trails overall in great shape and I suffered my first spill of the season getting back at the lot from tilcon, stupid me, claimed a brake lever a knee and ear.


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Does the TM affect the group ride? Or is it TM then ride?
It does not affect the group ride. Actually, it was moved back to the original date; Saturday June 9th. Sorry....just a messenger with this TM.

Here are the updated details as of last night:

We look good to go for Saturday.....

*****Meet a little farther up Kinney Rd past the iron gate. *******

Rescheduled Event

Hello all,

The June brush back!

Probably the two most important tm’s of the year for our trail enjoyment…..

Yeah Baby Yeah! Here it is.

Stephens Trail Maintenance - J.O.R.B.A.

6-9-18 Saturday 8:30am - 12:30

Meet at the iron gates on Kinney Rd. then we'll relocate (Hike) and brush back some trails.

2 Kinney Rd (go over the bridge and park up the road past the iron gates)
Budd Lake, NJ 07828
40.907717, -74.771044,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

Bring yourself, water, gloves (I'll have some gloves if you need) BUG SPRAY and a snack. Heavy rain cancels, light or intermittent we will persevere.

********Please rsvp via email so I know how many tools to bring.**********

Feel free to forward this to anyone who may also be interested.

Hope to see you there.
Jorba Chapter Lead, Stephens State Park

p.s Thanks and be sure to ride the work, it makes it all worth it.


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I will cross post this under general discussion

I have heard but not seen that the bonefrog nj that is happening this weekend June 16th has set up obstacles on the trails. These have been setup on the Kinney Lake trail and Lil Maze. As per one of my running friends they have setup these obstacles with wires and one of the riders in his group ride got clothes lines. Be aware that these have been setup
Can confirm... rode here last night. They closed trails all around Kinney Rd, including a small section east of the train tracks. The trails around the lake, and the short connector trail that leads to the Pink trails are closed, and full of hazardous obstacles. Might want to avoid this place until late next week when cleanup is done.
Rode there this morning. Didn't see any of the obstacles mentioned on my ride from the Iron Gate parking lot on Kinney to the pink trails and back.

Overall, the trails were in great shape. Not mushy at all and no standing water (except for the pot holes on Waterloo valley road).


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The recent rain has caused some increased water within the existing water crossings.

The small creek on The Holy Grail Trail just past the north side of the Rt 80 overpass is about 2.5’ - 3’ High making it an absolute certainty that one’s feet will be completely submerged while crossing.

Besides the crossings, the trails are in great shape.


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Trails were in great shape yesterday. There is one big tree down at the bottom of the Meisterberger descent - right where it joins the doubletrack at the bottom - that is a flow sucker. Besides that everything else was good. Trails were leafy and sweaty. It was a fun night on a fatty.


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Unlike it's neighbor, Stephens is in really good shape. The recent rain had little effect on the trails....surprisingly. I didn't ride the Maze (Pink), so I'm not sure how that is holding up, but upper is in pristine shape. Tilcon Lake is a mess, but that is common after any rain.