Stephens State Park Conditions

Hiked around the top of Stephens this morning with the dog. Good news about 75% of the trails are clear and frozen, the bad news, the other 25% are solid ice. A lot of small debris on the trail from the wind but nothing major.


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I was there this morning including part of the ST loop, but we had to turn back due to ice. This was my first time in there with a friend providing the tour so I can only remember that the Maze was also icy. we did make it around the lake and some of the single track so it wasnt a lost day.

On the other hand I am sure that @Norm and the crew have a great contingency plan in place to make the event happen without increased risk or the need for ice skates.
Tried to get the fattie going on the maze this morning, but it was just a little too tough to break trail. I was surprised that no one else had beeen there yet. I’ll try to get back over with the snow shoes later.
Stephens report.
Got out yesterday from Tilcon (Kinney rd.), All in all many large areas are very bad. The Blue Rock trail is a disaster, mud, mud, mud, snow and ice. Going up to the Tipi rock has alot of mud on ice dirt. Big mud section heading to the trail that goes under the mulch pit with the 4 log crossings, that whole trail is a disaster (mud). The Swamp and the Chop was ok by comparison. Large mud area on the Precooler tr. just before Funyun was unrideable. Large stretches of the Trestle trail heading toward Pink were also mudded out. (and DON'T look that one up in the urban dictionary)

Give it a few weeks, when the park improves and you ride from Tilcon then skip Blue Rock and go up Kinney rd. make a left and a right onto the old railroad bed over to the Trestle.
Went yesterday around noon. First time hitting some of the trails. Aside from the road around Tilcon (yeah, I got my feet wet), the only soft / wet parts was one patch on the rake. Other than that trails were in prime shape.