Sterling Forest Trail Conditions


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A couple of down trees, two-three areas of mud, they typical places just very wet right now. 98 percent perfect. Strava time indicated that I hit it faster than I had any right to yesterday, given that the bike was hung up for the winter.

The downed trees on hutch are now gone. Except for the big log.

It was a bit of a calculus equation graphing review with the bowsaw. I had forgotten how good a 24” bowsaw is for using as a stick flicker. No bending over. Definitely a better use than cutting through 6-8” logs.



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Yes. Truth be told its good either way. You will find yourself working at times regardless and enjoying some nice downhills at other times. I also like to mix it up by changing the start/end location.

I really don't think you will be disappointed if you start at South gate, go up Redback and take the right turn on Muncee-Eagle - so, counter-clockwise from South gate. The particularly nice aspect of that route is that you end with a significant amount of good downhill.

What is the preferred route, clockwise or counter-clockwise?


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What is the preferred route, clockwise or counter-clockwise?
I've only been there once, but I did the loop in both directions. I think overall it was better clockwise, but then you would be climbing the long downhill that @huffster mentions, and that was probably the most fun part of the ride. You can't go wrong in either direction though. I need to get back up there again.


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I've only ever done it clockwise, I guess my brain is programmed that way, lol.....but last weekend everyone I saw out there seemed to be doing it it got me thinking maybe that way is the preferred way....but you're right, either way is probably awesome, the place is amazing