What's Happening This Weekend 4/14-4/15 -ish?


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Hey all, for all of you racers, it looks like this may be the first race of the H2H series (Thanks to Mother Nature!). You racing? What are you going to do on this upcoming Jekyll and Hyde weekend? Ride in 80deg Saturday and do your taxes on Sunday in 40deg? Let us know!!


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Fun Friday! 4/13 CR@1:00 Newmans lot, we'll loop through again a bit later, maybe ballfield at 1:45, Miller ln 2:15

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April 14th-15th - First NJ NICA Race weekend @Chester Highlands Ridge Park - They need Volunteers or the kids can't race. To volunteer you dont need to be certified coach or anything they have plenty of on the bike or off the bike positions. Or bring a cow bell and just cheer them on.

If you have never experienced a NICA race before you should at least go to one, its put together on a very professional level. Bring the family and younger kids so they can see what this is all about I promise you won't be disappointed.

This is the link to the Chester race sign ups:


But they also have a full list already available for the future race dates:



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Check out MTBNJ's very own @seanrunnette as he kicks it old school in Dover Little Theater's Hamlet: http://www.doverlittletheater.org/
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