Women's specific helmets - Do you wear one?


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I am in the market for a new helmet and there are too many to pick from. I have to admit, I want a girly one to match my new bike that's getting built, but I through the years, I never had a women's helmet because I never found on that fit well (I thought they were shallower than men's). Am I correct? Or crazy? Has the fit changed since the last time I tried on a women's helmet? I don't feel like going to stores to try a bunch on, so I am hoping you can share some input here and steer me in a direction.



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I had a giro womens helmet and I thought just the straps were thinner. It did fit well, but I do not think they still make that model.


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I prefer Giro too, preferably with MIPS.....I’m partial to ones that have a ponytail opening, but I don’t think you have that need. I recently got a Giro unisex helmet and I don’t like it near as much as my women specific ones . Sorry I don’t know their ‘names’.